Our Renew Program, launched on January 9th 2024, is an initiative designed to promote sustainability and significantly reduce waste within the cosmetic industry in Ghana, where our products are manufactured. At Meeno Cosmetics, we believe in taking responsibility for the environmental impact of our products, which is why we've created a system that encourages customers to return their empty Meeno Cosmetics containers. Once returned, these containers are meticulously sorted and then recycled.
By participating in the Renew Program, you’re actively contributing to environmental conservation while enjoying tangible benefits. Customers who return their empty containers will receive exclusive discounts on future purchases. This program is our way of fostering a community of environmentally conscious consumers who are as committed to sustainability as we are.


The impact of our Renew Program in Ghana is profound. Not only are we reducing plastic waste and promoting recycling practices, but we are also supporting local communities through job creation and environmental education. Our program partners with local organisations to ensure the effective collection and processing of returned containers, creating economic opportunities and raising awareness about the importance of sustainability.


Join us in the Renew Program and be a part of our mission to create a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a significant impact, reducing waste and promoting a culture of reuse and recycling in Ghana and beyond. Make a positive change with every product you use and take pride in supporting a greener, cleaner planet!